Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome! The world needs another food blog about as much as we need to see more pork belly and bone marrow on restaurant menus.

So what makes this one different?
It's geared to those who obsess over food but who are health-conscious, too.
I really don't like the word "foodie"--it sounds so pretentious--but I most definitely qualify. I pore over menus hours before going to a new restaurant, think about what to make for dinner at breakfast, and spend whatever money I have far more enthusiastically and willingly on food than on whatever the latest fashions are.
I write restaurant reviews for Vancouver's Georgia Straight newspaper, Canada's largest independent news and entertainment weekly.
I also teach group fitness classes. It's the best hobby I've ever taken up. But I could still do more to take care of my body and my soul.
Here I'll share news and tips on all things related to food, wine, health, and fitness. Put all of those together and you've got my interpretation of "living the good life".
To your health!

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