Monday, October 21, 2013

Good thing we're not ordering a plate of proper spelling

Seriously? I wasn't planning on stopping in for lunch anyway, but three spelling mistakes in 18 words is pretty sad. What's a lux sandwich anyway? ;)
Maybe you find yourself editing menus and sandwich boards all the time too. Hopefully this kitchen is better with the panini maker than its dictionary.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fine food and wine for a good cause!

There's nothing better than a night spent sipping fine wine and sampling fine food. Even better when your entry fee goes to a good cause.
The 12th annual North Shore Food and Wine Festival happens Saturday (October 19) at Park Royal North, with funds supporting the North Shore Youth Safe House.
Sixty bucks gets you the chance to taste of  134 wines from 27  wineries in B.C., California and around the world, including some of my faves, Blasted Church and Okanagan Crush Pad; food from 21 vendors (hello Mangia e Bevi, the Lobby at the Pinnacle Hotel, and Cupcakes); live jazz, Flamenco guitar, and Latin music, plus a $10 cab voucher (if you live on the North Shore).
Be a good citizen. Drink up.

Friday, October 11, 2013


MARKET by Jean-Georges' Howitzer Gun Punch
Once I was done breast-feeding my second son and was ready to get back to the bottle myself, I went straight to wine. Red, white, rose: I love the stuff.
I shied away from hard alcohol, though. Having abstained for so long, I was honestly a little worried about how my body would react to it.
Well, those days are over and I'm happily back to martinis! (Don't worry, life-insurance companies: in moderation.) I have a penchant for anything with green apple liqueur, but I'm excited to try whatever crazy creations so many Vancouver bartenders are concocting.
Oh, and did you know you can subscribe to this blog? Thanks to my friend Naz, author of Bottom of the Pot (Adventures in cooking Persian food and beyond), I've figured out how to do it. If you're interested, look to your right and sign on up.
To your health!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creativity helps caregivers cope with cryptic world of dementia

I had the honour of interviewing Karen Tyrell, a certified dementia practitioner in the Vancouver area, for an article in the Georgia Straight. She's extremely knowledgeable but also incredibly sweet.

No one likes to think about Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, but heaven help us if we're in a position of having to care for someone who's stricken. Karen's advice is invaluable.

Read more here.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Health tip: Don't ignore "thunderclap" headaches

I've been doing a little research on "reversible cerebral vasoconstrictive disorder" following a friend's health scare. One of the warning signs of this condition is recurring thunderclap headaches. I'd never even heard the term.
Here's your take-home message: If you or anyone you know ever experiences a sudden, severe headache--as in, a headache that could be described as the worst headache ever--seek immediate medical attention.
According to the Mayo Clinic, the headaches get their name from the fact that they grab your attention like a clap of thunder. The intense pain peaks within about 60 seconds then usually starts to fade after an hour but can last several days.
"Thunderclap headaches are uncommon, but they can be a warning sign of potentially life-threatening conditions — usually having to do with bleeding in and around the brain," the Mayo Clinic website states. "That's why it's so important to seek emergency medical attention if you experience a thunderclap headache."
Pass it on.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GM Foods meet Greek tragedy in new Vancouver play

When playwright Jason Patrick Rothery set out to adapt the tragic tale of Oedipus Rex, he never imagined that his new work would turn out to mirror controversial current events. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Inside the Seed.

Produced by Upintheair Theatre, Jason Patrick Rothery's play is an adaption of the tragic tale of Oedipus Rex. It follows a scientist at a giant biotech corporation who’s developed the “perfect” seed. He claims the Golden Grain will put an end to global hunger, but it has a dark side. Just weeks before the show’s upcoming premiere in Vancouver, meanwhile, hundreds of farmers in the Philippines made headlines for trampling a test plot of a genetically engineered product known as Golden Rice.

Read more at the Georgia Straight.

More kombucha: Farmer's Apprentice nails all things foodie-Vancouver

Truly enjoyed reviewing Farmer's Apprentice for the Georgia Straight. Local food, sustainable products, inventive dishes, daily smoothies, and yes, house-made kombucha served in adorable little glass bottles. Plus a turn table and vintage records.